Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2018

Long rides, short nights

Well, better late than never. 

Tour with KLUIZENAER and SORE is history. Countless hours and even more miles have been left behind. Days turned to nights and nights turned to days in a blink of an eye. Time flew. Each of us got back to their daily routines. Safe and sound. There is nothing left to do but to say thanks. First and foremost, thanks to Jan, Fabian and Max for being friends and for withstanding our stinky arses. Thanks to SORE for a week of fun shows and for being the best of individuals. Thanks to everyone that booked a show for us, prepared a meal for us or provided us with a sleeping place. We had the best of times, the best of talks, made new friends and deepened friendships.  

There will be two songs of us, that are going to be released on a split 12" with SPEWN from Macedonia. The record should be out in time for our tour with SPEWN. We'll be hitting the road together in September and October, playing shows in Eastern Europe, Germany and Scandinavia. 

If everything works out as planned, there will be a full-length record somewhere in the winter time, too.

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